Point Lookout State Park 

While our original reason for visiting Point Lookout State Park would be to see the Point Lookout Lighthouse, God would show me many wondrous and beautiful things through my camera lens. Point Lookout State Park #1 through #4 would be the result of some of the magnificent scenery we saw. The lesson learned on this day...We may have one plan in mind but be flexible because if your are not you just may miss the beauty in front of you.  Me and some of my friends in North Carolina have a saying, "Make plans in pencil and give God the eraser", our trip on a Spring day in May 2014 to the Point Lookout Lighthouse would become us living out this saying.  

Whether you have collected the whole series or acquired only one of the pieces, our wish is it would bring the joy of a warm Spring day on the water to mind whenever you look upon it. 

I believe it is necessary to clear up some possibly confusion for this series. It is one series where each piece can be identified by two names. Therefore, each of these names are being listed below:

  • Point Lookout State Park #1 or Point Lookout Driftwood
  • Point Lookout State Park #2 or Point Lookout Cloud
  • Point Lookout State Park #3 or Point Lookout Tree
  • Point Lookout State Park #4 or Point Lookout Three Fishing Poles
With that cleared up lets share a little bit more about Point Lookout State Park Series. 

Point Lookout State Park #4 (Point Lookout Three Fishing Poles) ended up being a spectacular picture of the water. Yet, this would not be my intention. The thing that captured me while looking upon on this scene was the three solitary fishing poles. What is not revealed in the photo is the guys who set up the fishing poles and then settled on a rickety old picnic bench to 'shoot the breeze' while only partially paying attention to their fishing poles. It amazes me how men communicate. You would not find three men sitting around a kitchen table with coffee mugs in hands sharing with one another. Instead, they need to be doing something, or as I witnessed on this day, give the allusion of doing something. Then and only then can they sit around a table, even a rickety old picnic table, to share. In case you are wondering, no I did not eavesdrop on their conversation. :-)

A Maryland website on Point Lookout State Park shares an interesting fact about this beautiful park:

"This park's peaceful surrounding belie its history as the location of a prison camp which imprisoned as many as 52,264 Confederate soldiers during the Civil War."

Note from Dew: 

"Whether you have obtained the whole series in this particular portion of the "Life of a Picture" collection or acquired just one piece, we thank you for becoming a part of the "Life of Picture" Collection. I have shared the beginning of the story and it has lived on, grown and flourished. I give all thanks and glory to my creator, God and what He has shown me through my camera lens. It makes me smile when the photos morph into a life of their own."