Deception Pass Series 


The Deception Pass Sunset pictures were taken after bringing my sister, Lil Sis home from the hospital in Washington state. My Lil Sis is an amazing woman. She had been in ICU for almost two weeks, had a still birth and nearly died...BUT, she insisted while I was there that the whole family drove to Deception Pass to get sunset pictures. She wanted her older sister, me, who had never been to the Pacific Northwest of the United States to experience a sunset there before boarding a plane in the early morning to head back to the East Coast. Never mind the fact, my blessing had been being able to hug her and see her walk out of the hospital earlier that day. Oh yeah and it was the first time we had seen each other face to face in nearly 25 years; however that is a story for another day. 

The two pictures, Deception Pass #1 and Deception Pass #2 are completely different, yet taken at almost the exact same time. Deception Pass #1 with the orange sky was to the right of me, while Deception Pass #2 was taken while looking straight out at the water.  The two separate views during the same time creating a deception of different time frames fit right in with the history of island's name, Deception Pass. 

According to the Washington Park's website, states:

"The name Deception Pass derived from Captain Vancouver's realization that what he had mistaken for a peninsula was actually an island. He named that island Whidbey in honor of his assistant, Joseph Whidbey, who was at his side when Vancouver realized the mistake. The captain named the inlet at which he was anchored Deception Pass to commemorate the error."

Note from Dew: "Whether you have obtained the whole series in this particular portion of the "Life of a Picture" collection or acquired just one piece, we thank you for becoming a part of the "Life of Picture" Collection. I have shared the beginning of the story and it has lived on, grown and flourished. I give all thanks and glory to my creator, God and what He has shown me through my camera lens. It makes me smile when the photos morph into a life of their own."