Cloud Series

The Cloud Series picture here titled "Skagit Valley Hospital" and "Cloud Clipped Mountains" would be taken while visiting my Sister in the Skagit Valley Hospital in Washington state. There were many personal emotions happening with me, the photographer when this shot was taken. Happiness, Sadness, and even a tad of uncertainty. The happiness and uncertainty would stem from the realization I would be seeing my younger Sister for the first time in 25 years. Why uncertainty? Because, she had been through a lot in a mere two weeks to include the loss of her child and nearly dying after the stillbirth. I did not want my reunion with her to produce more stress on her. However, God is an awesome God and He used my visit to help her recovery. The sadness emotion is evident and expected with the story behind the visit. 

The picture was taken from my sister's hospital room. You didn't expect me to travel across country without my camera did you? 

The photo entitled, "Cloud Clipped Mountains" is meant to be a representation of what the mountains look like after being logged, but the clouds became the focal point in processing. Logging is a big business in the Pacific Northwest area of which the photo is taken. It may be the prettiest to look upon but while driving back to Seattle, this photographer saw where communities were build in the sides of mountains after the logging was complete. Some would argue the beauty is lost after the trees are cut down. However, this photographer thought the community being built became a good use of the land afterwards. 

Note from Dew: 

"Whether you have obtained the whole series in this particular portion of the "Life of a Picture" collection or acquired just one piece, we thank you for becoming a part of the "Life of Picture" Collection. I have shared the beginning of the story and it has lived on, grown and flourished. I give all thanks and glory to my creator, God and what He has shown me through my camera lens. It makes me smile when the photos morph into a life of their own."